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D&D 5e: Determining Your Character's Recent History

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I've tried to develop some rules I hope will help my players to become invested in their characters from the very first session. Depending upon the starting level, each player and I will work together to create a selection of events in their characters recent past, then the player will roll to see if the outcome was positive or negative. They might come away with something awesome, or they might lose big time. The end result will still be a viable character, they will just come with a backstory the player actually got to experience.

D&D 5e: Goal Based Experience

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In my inaugural article, I talk about the new goal based experience system I am going to try out in my next D&D campaign. The system is designed to encourage players to actively shape how their character interacts with the world. If I've designed the system well, then a character built for social interaction should be able to level on par with their combat focused compatriot, without ever having to lift a weapon.